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About 8 hours of hand made work. By Woman from Saraguro-Ecuador.

Glass beads (not plastic).


Inspired by Silfo Colivioleta hummingbird.

  • Handmade earrings.
  • Eco friendly earrings.
  • Fair trade earrings.
  • Nature earrings
  • Handmade Jewelry.

Hummingbird - Earrings

PriceFrom $25.00
Excluding Sales Tax |
  • “Silfo Colivioleta” Aglaiocercus coelestis.

    The "Silfo Colivioleta" is a species of hummingbird, It is found in Colombia and Ecuador in areas from 980-6,890 ft.

    Males average around 7 inches (180 mm) in length, while females average around 3.8 inches (97 mm).

    Solitary and usually low inside forest at small clumps of flowers. Hovers or occasionally clings to feed and does not gather at flowering trees.

    A sylph is a mythological air spirit.

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