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In nature is the preservation of the world


Born in Cuenca-Ecuador, founder Rina Guerrero-Kesler grew up surrounded by nature in the cloud forest of the majestics  Andes Mountains.  After finishing her undergrad  as Environmental Biologist, Rina moved to the US  and worked at the Atlanta Botanical Garden taking care of the Orchid Collection as well as helping with plant conservation projects in the southeast and other countries.  During the pandemia and  carrying on  her love for Nature  and her people, Rina decides to work for what she feels is her life purpose and  mission: to do what she can to minimise the amount of tropical forest  deforestation by serving  as a  bridge between her two countries.


With the creation of Ecuafriendly,  Rina will  empower local Ecuadorian artisans  to protect their natural surroundings  and also donate  10% of the net profit to “Fundación  Tierra Viva'' in their environmental conservation efforts.  More at:

Ecuafriendly is a company that offers exquisite products inspired by nature’s beauty  made from sustainable materials by natives artisans offering life changing opportunities to the Ecuadorian  communities while promoting education and the preservation of the natural world. 

Our products are designed for you, inspired by Nature!

Environmentally friendly

Each product complies with one or more elements that contribute to caring for the environment, among them: recycled materials, environmental education issues, forest by-products like tagua, wood “flower” etc.

Fair Trade

Our artisans are mainly local natives from the 3 regions of Ecuador (coast, Andes mountains and the jungle), their beautiful work is paid fairly and it focuses particularly on the promotion of social entrepreneurship in order to provide their families with the means and ways to support themselves and contribute to the community.


Most of the products we offer are designed for Ecua-Friendly

Excellent quality

Our products pass quality control checks, both in their preparation and in the use of materials.

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